Styling & Event design

This is our happy place. Please come inside.

We never get tired of styling and event design. We can’t help but try and outdo ourselves with every new event we take on. We love the variety of ideas that our clients bring through our door and the challenge of turning their dreams into a beautiful yet functional event.

How does it work? Well, first we get excited. Then we delve in and get to know you, your style and your budget and present you with a unique design concept to match. Then we roll up our sleeves, get the spreadsheet out and begin designing the detail that will make you glow and your guests grin.

While the photos show off our styling skills, our clients always comment on our practical skills, as they become accustomed to us whipping out the hammer, some fabric or a paint brush. We love watching the latest trends evolve and then personalising designs to create one-of-a-kind events.

Each time we design and style a new event we discover new loves and push new boundaries. From big bold colourful installations to borrowing from the classics, we love it all.

And sometimes, just before the doors open, you might catch us as we gaze around the room and give a little fist pump as we look at what we’ve created, together.

I think we need to chat, don’t we?