What we do

We are thrilled you have found us.

We just wanted to drop you a quick note and spill the tea: our fabulous team is taking a break to recharge our event-planning superpowers and sprinkle some extra magic dust on our creativity.

As much as we love turning your dreams into reality, even superheroes, especially those with little families need a little downtime, right?

For the foreseeable future we won’t be taking any bookings or conjuring up confetti storms. But fret not! We’re using this time to cook up fresh ideas and the unravel the next chapter for Flocked Events, whatever that may be.

We appreciate your understanding and we wish you all the best for the fabulous party you want to throw. We are surrounding by amazing Tassie creatives, we know you won’t have trouble finding one.



What we did…..

We turn your ideas into an event that people will write home (and hashtag) about.

The big story? We design, style and organise great parties. Gatsby, great.

The detail? We check the best man’s speech and make sure your most important client’s glass is (at least half) full.

We are specialist Tasmanian event stylists (but you can call us whatever you like). We can be your wedding planner, your event planner, your event stylist or event coordinator. We do corporate events, weddings, private parties, or site styling.

We can do it all, or just do the bits you don’t like.

We listen. We hear. We think.

We research. We inspire. We guide.

We paint. We build. We find.

We run. We climb. We fix.

We call. We book. We remember.

We laugh. We understand. We love.

We dream. We design. We deliver.

We promise you’ll be delighted.

Let’s combine our knowledge and create an event that looks and feels just like you (… but a little bit cooler).